Club Rules

Association Rules

  1. Any angler fishing association waters will use only barbless or micro-barbed hooks.

  2. That members when fishing club waters must be in possession of a current club card and must produce it on request.

  3. That no member shall carry a gun or snare.

  4. That no netting, trimming or gorge bait fishing be allowed.

  5. That no dogs (or other pets) to accompany members on private land

  6. That camping and lighting of fires be not allowed.

  7. Fishing season for River Tove (including Broadwater) and Astwell Mill is from June 16th to March 14th inclusive.

  8. That no member to catch baits to sell from club water.

  9. No night fishing on any T&DAA waters except Astwell Top pond and canal.

  10. No livebaiting or the using of gaffs on association waters.

  11. Unhooking mats to be used at all times for large fish.

  12. That all members are responsible for removing any litter in their pegs. Any member warned twice about leaving litter will be liable to be banned from T&DAA.

  13. That no loud music or any other activity that may disturb other members be allowed.

  14. Astwell parking – SEE NOTES

  15. No access to River Tove through Towcester allotments.

  16. Un-named complimentary card holders are not entitled to attend the AGM.

  17. No carp over 5lbs to be retained in keepnets and no more than 20lb of fish to be kept in keepnets at a time.

  18. That members found guilty of infringing or breaking club rules be expelled from T&DAA and their subscription forfeited.

  19. No more than two rods to be used at a time, not including spod or marker rods, on T&DAA waters.