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Matches 2021-2022

Draw at 08.00 all Matches

For Billing Aquadrome matches anglers must meet outside the entrance gates, where the draw will be held.

All Club matches are in conjunction with Northampton Nene AC.

Team matches are fished by the T&DAA nominated team.

For any further details please contact either of the joint Match Secretaries, (see Committee page).



First (weight)

Second (weight)

Third (weight)

11th April Canal Teams of 4 Heyford C Smith (13lb 12oz) D Gibbons (7lb 8oz) G Sayner (7lb 7oz)
18th April Silverlake R Pottinger (9lb 2oz) T Saunders (5lb 8oz) L Goodridge (4lb 12 oz)
25th April Canal Teams of 4Banbury Lane M Grimshaww (25lb 8oz) S Cordingly (21lb 15oz) A Stokes (19lb 3oz)
9th May Canal Teams of 4 Stoke Bruerne P Laughton (20lb 14oz) A Donnelly (20lb 12oz) G Prince (18lb 4oz)
16th May Open Dodford-Weedon R Pottinger (9lb 14oz) A Donnelly (9lb 4oz) P Laughton (9lb 3oz 8Drms)
23rd May Open Grafton Regis D Challinor (20lb) I Wing (9lb 4oz) M Kirk (7lb 9oz)
30th May Barby Banks 28-62 R Pottinger (40lb) M Goodridge (25lb) B Eales 20lb 5oz)
23rd May Canal Teams of 4 Grafton Regis R Pottinger (20lb 9oz)

Towcester  1st in Team Event

T Boyce (19lb 7oz) K Brown (18lb 6oz)
13th June Open Canal Grafton Regis- Nether Heyford A Roberts (12lb 12oz) T Beech (12lb 11oz) G Smith (11lb 10oz)
20th June Green Farm Weedon Lois J Cooke (26lb) P Keal (25lb 12oz) L Goodridge (24lb 14oz)
27th June Open Canal Heyford-Bugbrooke S Bird (18lb 6oz) I Morrison (13lb 3oz) D Gough (10lb 11oz)
4th July Open Canal Banbury Lane Rothersthorpe T Boyce (15lb 10oz) A Barnett (13lb 10oz) I Wing (13lb)
10th July C&RT Pairs Heyford M Colver (25lb 6oz) D Scott (12lb 3oz) M Kettle 10lb 6oz)
11th July Biggin Lake J Broughton (158lb 8oz) L Goodridge (94lb) J Balatchet (92lb 8oz)
18th July Open Canal Grafton Regis-Yardley Gobion D Trafford (26lb 8oz) H Keyes (25lb 14oz) R Yates (14lb 10oz)
24th Joly Open Canal Heyford-Bugbrooke G Barclay (32lb 2oz) N Hurst (30lb 12oz) M Grimshaw (24lb 6oz)
25th July C&RT Pairs Banbury Lane D Mc Manus (38lb 10oz) S AShworth (14lb 7oz) D Theakstone (11lb 1oz)
31st July Individual National P Abbott (12kg 770g) T Molloy (9kg 610g) G Smith (7k 680g)
1st August Barby Banks 1-23 & 50-62 R Pottinger (130lb) B Beard (105lb) J Ballachet (75lb 10oz)
8th August Astwell Mill Payne Trophy B Eales (8lb 1oz) J Ballachet (7lb 5oz) M Goodridge (5lb 1oz)
14th August Division 1 National D Brown (19kg 170g) A Bird (16kg 700g) D Malpas (14kg 890g)
!5th August Silverlake M Goodridge (31lb) A Kimpton (15lb) B Beard (8lb 8oz)
22nd August Clattercote Reservoir J Broughton (94lb) P Keal (64lb) P Fish (31lb)
29th August Silverlake Championship Cup L Goodridge (13lb) A Kimpton (10lb) R Pottinger (9lb)
5th Sept Olney Lavendon Road & Church R Pottinger (8lb 7oz) J Roberts (7lb 5oz) M Goodridge (6lb 15oz)0
12th Sept Astwell Mill, Burbage Cup L Goodridge (9lb 1oz) S Cordingly (8lb 4oz) J Balatchet (6lb 13 oz)
19th Sept 1st KO Castlethorpe GU D Gibbins (8lb 2oz) Tosh Saunders (6lb 12oz) B Eales (6lb 8oz)
26th Sept County Cup Castlethorpe M Jolly (13lb 12oz) J Broadbent (11lb 5oz) C Smith (10lb 10oz)
3rd Oct Walter Griffin Castlethorpe P Hamilton (16lb 15oz) P Chapman (8lb 6oz) M Saunders (6lb 6oz)
10th Oct River Ouse Newton Blossomville R Pottinger (9lb 7oz) J Balatchet (9lb 1oz) M Goodridge (6lb 7oz)
17th Oct River Nene Billing Aquadrome R Pottinger (5lb 3oz) M Goodridge (4lb 134oz) J Broughton (2lb 10oz)
24th Oct River Ouse Old Stratford J Balatchet (6lb 4oz) D Gibbins (5lb 15oz) M Goodridge 5lb 5oz)
31st Oct Hesketh River Tove M Goodridge (8lb) J Broughton (6lb) J Balachet (4lb 14oz)
7th Nov River Nene Ringstead R Pottinger (14lb 5oz) K Elliot (8lb 10oz) M Goodridge (7lb 5oz)
14th Nov 2nd KO Castlethorpe GU D Crawley (8lb 6oz) G Martin (4lb 4oz) J Harris (3lb15oz)
21st Nov Broadwater, Albert Crow Memorial J Broughton (4lb 9oz) M Goodridge (4lb 8oz) J Balachet (3lb 9oz)
28th Nov 3rd KO Yardley Wharf GUC G Martin (11lb 1oz) C Collins (8lb 5oz) R Pottinger (7lb 6oz)
5th Dec Broadwater, Roach Cup D Panel (7lb) R Pottinger (4lb 8oz) T Hirst (2lb 4oz)
12th Dec River Nene Billing Aquadrome B Beard (6lb 7oz) J Broughton (3lb 3oz) A Kimpton (3lb 12oz)
19th Dec Fur and Feather GUC Pounds Stoke Bruerne S Cordingly (19lb) I Stokes (13lb 8oz) P Laughton (12lb 15oz)
9th Jan GU Grafton Regis B Eaton (1lb 12 oz) D Pannell (13oz) G Martin (7oz)
16th Jan KO Final, Castlethorpe GUC B Ayliff (1lb 13oz) J Balachet (1lb 10 oz) R Pottinger (12oz)
23rd Jan Broadwater R Pottinger (10lb 6oz) B Eaton (3lb) M Goodridge (2lb 10oz)
30th Jan Heyford GUC      
13th Feb Broadwater      
20th Feb Silverlake      
27th Feb Stoke Bruerne GUC      
6th March Broadwater      
13th March River Ouse Old Stratford