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Despite lockdown there has been some activity at Silverlake.

Peg number 1 has been completely rebuilt and is now better than it has been for some years.





Further News On Lockdown Angling From The Angling Trust:

The Angling trust has issued an update and guidelines  for the reduction of restrictions from March 29th

Click HERE to read the full update.


Big Boost For Towcester's Waters




A few of the Tench introduced to Astwell

For more photos click HERE


 HUNDREDS of small Tench – plus more than 250 fast-growing carp – have just been added to Towcester & District waters!

 And the carp – stocked into Silverlake – are from the same source as some added (at 6 to 8 inches) to another lake more than 15 years back...a lake which produced fish of 47lb a 50-13 over the past few months!

 No one can say our fish will hit quite those heights as the other water is extremely fertile, and other factors such as average temperatures probably played their part.

 But stockings elsewhere have shown time and time again that there is no reason why they should not go well into the upper 30s in Silverlake.

 Silverlake's fish included around 200 fish of 6 to 8 inches (which may well be 2lb+ next summer or the following spring) and some 65 in the 4lb to 5lb bracket.

 TDAA contributed to the cost...BUT the majority of the bill is being footed by lake owners Aiden and Chris Jones – and on YOUR behalf we sincerely thank them for their most generous initiative. Thank you.

 At ASTWELL some 200 chunky little Tench, between six and nine inches in length, have gone into the top pond in a bid to kickstart a tinca population boost.

 OK, the new Tench will never grow quite as fast as Silverlake's new carp – but they are guaranteed 'good growers' none-the-less – and are intended to add new blood to the water's gene pool.

 That stocking is being funded via a three-way split between water-owner Edwin King, the club...and an incredibly keen and generous TDAA member.

 That man, such is his love for the pond, stumped up £500 (while wishing to remain anonymous) towards the cost!

 Again, thank you that man and thank you Edwin. Your contributions are really appreciated.

 Astwell's stocking (which we finally managed to get in between lockdowns) follows on from the thousands of pounds spent – with the help of an Environment Agency grant – on physical improvements, more of which are to come, carried out on the top pond over the past couple of years.

Please note, small Tench are notorious for 'disappearing' until they reach weights of around a pound-plus. Hopefully that will be late next summer or early in the following one.

 All in, the future is looking good for both waters...and those who fish them. Enjoy.


Previous News Items


Along with everyone else this has been, to say the least a strange start to our season. We started by completely overhauling our website at the end of May. This now enables people to obtain membership online for all categories. This was later extended to Day tickets for those waters where we have them. So successful was this move that the vast majority of new and renewed memberships were bought online. We are selling books as usual through fishing shops and venues and they are continuing to supply their customers. We had an upsurge of new members, due to the furlough scheme I suspect and numbers seen out on the bank enjoying some good sport have been encouraging.

Thankfully the season started well with many good catches and this seems to be continuing still, with a number of excellent specimens coming from Silverlake and Astwell.

Our improvements to Astwell Mill have continued apace, with the re-opening of the far bank via a “bridge” and a new pathway (the old one slipped perilously close to the water!) We have also created a new parking area, this is currently roped off to allow the ground to settle and the new grass to bind the surface together avoiding it becoming boggy in wet weather. There are temporary parking places and we have not yet experienced any day to day problems.

Our other major project has unfortunately been delayed by bureaucracy, we have purchased a good number of Tench for Astwell and the same number of Carp for Silverlake, however, as this is the first time we have done this since new regulations came in to force we discovered difficulties over the registration of the venues. Having sorted this, there appears to be nobody working at the Environment Agency, which makes getting a fish transfer licence more than difficult. We hope to have this sorted imminently.

On a sadder note we are hearing reports of fish disease in a few locations locally, we would strongly advise members to ensure that their tackle, especially nets are scrupulously clean before putting anything into club waters.

Enjoy your fishing! Wet nets.





12 year old Jamie Houghton with his first ever Astwell Tench and @ 5lb 4oz was an absolute beauty. He raked the swim on the bottom lake himself on Saturday afternoon (under the watchful eye of his father Neil), pre-baited and then caught on Sunday morning on sweetcorn, along with a net of Rudd, Roach & Perch.

We have had a busy year working on the club’s waters and putting together plans to improve the future.

Our £4,000 grant won from the Environment Agency for improving Astwell Mill is already being put to good use and has, so far, paid for work to help control excessive weed growth. That includes a new silt filtration pond which helps remove incoming silt from water flowing in off the land behind the far bank wood, and also for various chemical treatments including Siltex – to help reduce accumulated organic silt – and to help limit future growth.

Both are beginning to prove successful, though our efforts were nearly overcome late last summer’s  record temperatures. It was quite a challenge but we are confident we can deal with it this year even if we get another heatwave.


Work is due to continue on improving the ‘field bank’ and access to it, a new bridge has been built and a new footpath added. While volunteers have again been improving and increasing the number of  the platforms on both lakes during the close season, and a new GATE has just been fitted to the bottom lake – doing away with the need to climb over that awful style as was the case in previous years!

Bankside vegetation trimming has again been part of the close season at Astwell and a major effort has been made – in partnership with the land owner – at Silverlake where a great deal of self-set shrubbery has been removed to try and lessen ‘predation’ by human and non human means!

Various platforms have been improved/replaced and in some cases, earthworks have allowed installation of steps down the bank to them – all carried out by volunteers working with the farmer.

We are also due a meeting with EA fishery scientists to look for ways to improve spawning opportunities for the fish at Silverlake, the ambition being to make a good fishery even better!

On the downside we have lost the, largely under-used, Seven Acres pond near Paulerspury because the owner has died and the site is being sold.

Back on the upside the members’ offer of £3 weekday discounted tickets at Lakeside continues.

And we are working closely with the Canal River Trust and other local clubs on the Trust’s ‘Lets Fish’ programme of organised coaching sessions to try and increase the number of newcomers of all ages (but especially juniors) coming into the club. We need such newcomers to help ensure a healthy future for both the sport and the club and thank CRT for their co-ordinated campaign.

Many thanks to all who joined last year and we look forward to seeing you on the club’s banks again in the year to come.

Enjoy your fishing.