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Despite informing members of the parking restrictions at Astwell Mill, some people have seen fit to remove the posts and tape from the non-parking area. Others then (perhaps understandably) then also parked there. The landowner has been very upset. There were enough spaces provided including a stretch towards the farm cottages from the new access gate, these were not used. If the Club wishes to retain the venue, members must park as instructed.

With the ending of the coarse fishing close season, fishing has resumed at Astwell Mill and the River Tove, it iwas also the start date for existing members to renew their books. They can be obtained online from this site. Alternatively all of the usual local fishing shops and membership outlets now have stocks of books. Membership costs have remained unchanged.

Following the parking improvements made at Astwell Mill there are some temporary restrictions. There should be enough spaces, if not we do have a plan B.
Enjoy your sport. Wet nets to you all!


Please see the details below of the guidance for the resumption of fishing on T&DAA waters.

All Towcester & DAA waters are now open for fishing.

Great news. This gets us back on the bank.

However there are some temporary extra rules due to the corona virus regulations, put together following advice from the Angling Trust, and in light of discussions with out landlords.

Water by water.

Silver Lake: open, and as usual, NO night fishing.


T & DAA Canal: open as usual but, for the moment, NO night fishing.


Astwell Mill & the River Tove: open as usual, NO night fishing.


ALSO, on all our waters:


1) Social Distancing to be maintained: anglers MUST keep themselves AND KIT including any bivvies at least 2 metres from passers by  –  and themselves 15 metres from each other.

This can be particularly difficult on the canal, and if you cannot keep 2 metres away from passers by, you should not fish that spot.

2) No sharing tackle (including landing nets).

3) Only 1 angler per peg. Two if, say, parent/carer and child under 17 from the same household – to enable ‘dad & lad’ type sessions. 

4) Keep nets now allowed, matches resumed, see matches page.

5) Day ticket fishing: allowed (subject to review and the conditions above).

Anglers should preferably book online, or provide the correct money or take their kit away with them while they fetch it.

All anglers are asked to co-operate with the bailiffs and treat them with respect. They are doing a tough job. Anyone not doing so, or breaking any of the rules above, will be liable to a ban (no appeal).

On-bank ticket inspection/sales: bailiffs require 'sight' of season tickets. Please place your ticket (or correct money if buying a day ticket) in landing net and pass to bailiff while keeping yourself at least 2 metres from them.

Thanks for your ongoing co-operation. T&DAA Committee

The 2020/21 Towcester & District AA membership books are now on sale – and there are NO price increases on last year.

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12 year old Jamie Houghton with his first ever Astwell Tench and @ 5lb 4oz was an absolute beauty. He raked the swim on the bottom lake himself on Saturday afternoon (under the watchful eye of his father Neil), pre-baited and then caught on Sunday morning on sweetcorn, along with a net of Rudd, Roach & Perch.

We have had a busy year working on the club’s waters and putting together plans to improve the future.

Our £4,000 grant won from the Environment Agency for improving Astwell Mill is already being put to good use and has, so far, paid for work to help control excessive weed growth. That includes a new silt filtration pond which helps remove incoming silt from water flowing in off the land behind the far bank wood, and also for various chemical treatments including Siltex – to help reduce accumulated organic silt – and to help limit future growth.

Both are beginning to prove successful, though our efforts were nearly overcome late last summer’s  record temperatures. It was quite a challenge but we are confident we can deal with it this year even if we get another heatwave.


Work is due to continue on improving the ‘field bank’ and access to it, a new bridge has been built and a new footpath added. While volunteers have again been improving and increasing the number of  the platforms on both lakes during the close season, and a new GATE has just been fitted to the bottom lake – doing away with the need to climb over that awful style as was the case in previous years!

Bankside vegetation trimming has again been part of the close season at Astwell and a major effort has been made – in partnership with the land owner – at Silverlake where a great deal of self-set shrubbery has been removed to try and lessen ‘predation’ by human and non human means!

Various platforms have been improved/replaced and in some cases, earthworks have allowed installation of steps down the bank to them – all carried out by volunteers working with the farmer.

We are also due a meeting with EA fishery scientists to look for ways to improve spawning opportunities for the fish at Silverlake, the ambition being to make a good fishery even better!

On the downside we have lost the, largely under-used, Seven Acres pond near Paulerspury because the owner has died and the site is being sold.

Back on the upside the members’ offer of £3 weekday discounted tickets at Lakeside continues.

And we are working closely with the Canal River Trust and other local clubs on the Trust’s ‘Lets Fish’ programme of organised coaching sessions to try and increase the number of newcomers of all ages (but especially juniors) coming into the club. We need such newcomers to help ensure a healthy future for both the sport and the club and thank CRT for their co-ordinated campaign.

Many thanks to all who joined last year and we look forward to seeing you on the club’s banks again in the year to come.

Enjoy your fishing.